Action Taking versus Action Faking

Action Faking is a term I learned from MJ DeMarco. It basically means you’re doing something, but it’s the wrong something.

For example, let’s say I want to pay off $500 of debt in the next 2 months. For simplicity sake, let’s cut down my “productive” options down to two:

  1. Read books on how to start a business
  2. Use existing knowledge as a freelancer

Which do you think is better?

For the long term, #1 might be better. Building a lucrative online business is a great way to provide for yourself and your family.

But #2 is the better choice here. It lets you start making progress towards your goal immediately.

Does that mean you won’t need to learn new things? Not necessarily.

Does it mean you’ll make money by the end of today? Again, not necessarily.

But 20 hours spent reaching out to potential clients and working for them has a much better chance of helping you pay off that debt than spending 20 hours reading.

That’s Action Taking. It’s doing what you need to do. Taking steps from A to B.


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