Consistency is the Name of My New Game

Do you know how long I’ve had this domain name registered?

A long time.

Like, 9 years a long time.

Over that time, I would go back and forth on how I would use it.

I would start writing about a certain topic for a few days or weeks, then fall off.

Maybe it would be productivity.

For a while it was my experience as a freelance writer.

But either way, I would fall off. I would stop for one reason or another.

Looking back, I realize how foolish that was.

Even if I had only written one post a month, that’d be over 100 posts by now.

One a week? More like 400 posts.

I won’t be making that mistake again.

From now on, my posts are staying up. Some will suck.

In fact, this one probably does.

But some will be awesome. I’m going to help people learn from my experience.

For example, I struggled a LOT with getting my current job (Associate Brand Manager at pool chemicals company.)

I’ve also struggled a lot with being productive (as you can tell from my lack of consistency.)

Granted- I have accomplished things. I finished my MBA a few months ago.

I got my PMP certification a few years ago after leaving the Air Force.

I completed my undergraduate degree in engineering.

But I could have done SOOOOOO much more.

In fact, I’ve created a lot more over the last few years. Blog posts, eBooks, short reports, etc.

But I never kept them up. I would feel self-conscious¬†about them, feeling like they sucked and weren’t worth being online.

And you know what? Some probably did suck. In fact, I bet a lot of them were bad.

But Seth Godin says to ship. Steven Pressfield says to just put it out there.

Writers don’t necessarily write for other people.

They write because they have to.

Essentially, that’s me. I write because I have to write.


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