Don’t Overcomplicate Things. Schedule the Work. Do the Work. Repeat.

I just got done reading It’s Not the Big that eat the Small… it’s the Fast that eat the Slow by Jason Jennings and Laurence Haughton.

In it, one thing they talk about is how successful companies are often the ones that are simple. One example of a company that veered away from simplicity was a pool installer. He expanded into servicing pools and doing landscaping, but those weren’t his strengths.

Simplicity is something I’ve struggled with for a long time. I tend to make things more complicated than they need to be. For example, let’s say I’ve decided I want to start a marketing agency. To do that, all I really have to do is 3 things:

  1. Identify a specific type of customer I want to work with
  2. Identify solutions based on that customer’s pain points
  3. Present my solutions to the prospect

That’s it. Easy.

I don’t need a fancy website. I don’t need an office. I don’t need specific credentials.

I just have to get started on helping my customer solve their problem.

This is easy and not complicated. It’s something I can do in my spare time. It’s something that will teach me new skills.

But on a daily basis, it’s hard to remember it’s so simple.

Maybe it’s time I get better about planning specific actions on my calendar. So on Monday I do A, Tuesday I do B, etc.

That’s what one course I took from Ramit Sethi from GrowthLab taught me. It’s okay to make incremental progress. In fact, that’s how almost all progress is made.

Whether you’re starting a business, trying to lose weight, or trying to improve relationships with your family, it doesn’t matter. Keep it simple. Execute regularly, preferably every day. That helps you keep momentum, which will carry you forward.

One last thought – Ramit also says that top performers do the work whether they feel like it or not.

Which makes sense, right? I mean, you go to your workplace even if you don’t feel like it. Why would it be different from going to the gym?


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