Inspiration and Action

One reason I haven’t accomplished as much as I would’ve liked over the last few years is confusion over inspiration and action.

Most days, I have these reversed. I think “once I get inspired enough, I’ll take action!”

But that’s not how it works.

Take action, which then creates inspiration.

Think about it. Do you ever feel inspired to go to the gym? Or cold email a new prospect? Or ask that cute guy/gal out for a date?

Probably not.

But once you do it, you realize a few things:

  • It wasn’t as bad as you thought it’d be
  • You opened the door to a potential good thing
  • Doing it next time won’t be as hard because now you have momentum

A secret of successful people is that they don’t always know what they’re doing. They don’t know exactly how something will turn out.

But they take action anyways, rather than just sitting on the couch waiting for inspiration to strike.

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